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Presenters need to know this one thing if they are looking for speaking success. There’s no exception. As a presenter you need to know what you want your audience to do. It doesn’t matter the type of presentation, how long or the topic or the size of the audience. What presenters need to know at the start of every presentation is  – what do they want their  audience to do with the information they are giving them.

Ever sat in a workshop where the presenter wraps up the presentation by moving into the question and answer session? As soon as the question and answer ends, the presenter, with a smile looks at the audience and says a few words of appreciation ending with “That’s all we have time for today. Thanks very much for being here.” And sadly, the presentation ends at this point.

What a totally lame and totally ineffective way to wrap-up a presentation. Audience members put their bums into seats, give their attention and time to listen because they are looking for something from the speaker that will help make their lives easier, better or more comfortable in some way. It’s the job of every presenter to show the audience how the information being presented will do just that.

To meet the needs of the audience, presenters need to be clear on what they want their audience to do, think or feel.  Information in and of itself doesn’t really have any meaning. But, it’s what you, as the presenter, help people do with the information, the direction that you give them that will make a difference and add value to their lives.

Definitely, be engaging as a presenter. Definitely, make the question and answer session exciting. However, to be credible and memorable, presenters need to know what they want their audience to do with the information that been delivered and then get them to do it.

~ Know what you want your audience to do – ’is my final tip in the five part series. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQUiHfAyus0  and other tips on YouTube under Speak for Success Dorothea Hendriks ~

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