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It’s not different. Sometimes I hear people say, “Oh I don’t mind giving a presentation but it’s the question and answer session that I don’t like. That’s something separate, something different.”

If you are like most people, chances are you’ve put a huge chunk of time into your presentation, but probably no thought, or very little thought, to the question-answer session. So many people think that because the question and answer session usually follows a presentation, that it is something separate, something different.  It’s not different.

The question and answer session is an extension of your presentation. It’s not there in a vacuum. It’s not there in isolation. It’s not a stand-alone.

It’s an extension of your presentation, and the very place where you have prime opportunity to reinforce your key points, to drive home your core message. It’s also the place where you have the opportunity to give added value to your presentation.

Here are two ways in which you are adding value.

1. You are adding value by extending the learning process, building on what you said during your presentation. The question and session gives you the space where you can add more information, expanding on the benefits of your products or services, commenting on their proven track record and at the same time adding to the stature of your company or organization.

2. You are adding value because now you have the opportunity to reinforce your message: Extra time to build understanding. Deepen your audience connection, and create some form of acceptance of your idea, product or service. When audience members are clear on what’s been presented and have confidence in their presenter, it’s easier for them to make a decision in favor of what has been presented.

Wrapping up the question-answer session is more than just tossing out an answer here tossing out an answer there. It’s part of your presentation. It’s not different. The question and answer session is very place where you can add more value to your presentation, and share that value with your audience.


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