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Networking Face to Face:  Connecting Through Conversation

How do you introduce yourself to someone new at an event? What can you do that will make a positive and lasting impression? What if the other person isn’t interested in anything you have to say? If you’re like many people, it’s not the networking that makes you cringe as much as it is having to walk up and talk to someone you don’t know.

There are many on-line workshops and social media platforms to help you connect with people from the comforts of your living room. But, this is not one of them. This workshop is about networking, in person, face to face. It’s about building a relationship with another person through quality conversation.

Conversation is often referred to as “as the Swiss army knife of social skills” A good conversation is the foundation for developing a good relationship. And, if nothing else, networking is all about building relationships, engaging others in an authentic and meaningful way.

It’s impossible for any of us to be effective at networking and think of promoting our career or expanding our business, if we hesitate or have difficulty expressing ourselves comfortably and confidently with someone we don’t know.

For any organization in business today, networking and conversation are essential communication skills.

Networking Face to Face: Connecting through Conversation is about helping you strengthen those skills. By attending this workshop you will benefit in so many ways. You’ll get tips to help you boost your confidence and comfort levels. You will develop the framework and focus on your elevator pitch. You’ll learn techniques to help you deal with different communication styles and cultivate productive conversation practices.

Topics in Networking Face to Face: Connecting through Conversation include

  • 7 key steps to create a positive impression and keep it
  • Find out how you can work a room confidently
  • 5 conversation mistakes you should never make
  • Etiquette do’s and don’ts and conversation taboos
  • How to break the ice, build rapport and follow-up

Networking connects you with others, but it’s through engaging others in conversation, knowing what to say and how to say it, that you build lasting relationships that expand and influence business.

This is an on-site three hour workshop, interactive, with lecture and practical hands-on content. Specific topics from this workshop can be condensed and customized for you for one hour seminars and keynote sessions.

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