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Feedback:  Giving It and Receiving It

Do you provide feedback on a regular basis?  Is it an encouraging experience for the person receiving it? Is it a mutually positive and reciprocal experience for both of you?

The purpose behind any feedback is to inspire and help the person improve or change in some way: to provide guidance to help the other person do their best. To be effective and productive, it requires an ‘open’ attitude from both the giver and receiver.

Communicating feedback is about the words you use and how you deliver those words. It’s less about what people hear, and more about how you make them feel.

Useful and constructive evaluation requires planning, timing and consistency.

This workshop deals with the basics of feedback which we deliver to each other every day in one form or another. We’ll practice the steps for delivering powerful and productive comments. Look at how questions can support the assessment process, as well as explore different approaches and best language to use.

Topics covered in this workshop include

  • Listening techniques that promote open communication
  • 5 guidelines for giving constructive feedback
  • Eliminating self-sabotaging habits that undermine confidence
  • Tips to help you stay calm and focused
  • How attitude and communication styles affect feedback


Feedback: Giving it. Receiving it is an engaging and practical, interactive three hour, on-site workshop. Full participation is required.

The workshop includes lecture, hands-on individual and group activities.
Select portions can be customized for one hour keynote presentations for conferences or other special events.

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