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12 Body Language Tips

Body language expert and author of The Nonverbal Advantage, Carol Kinsey Goman says we can use body language to our advantage. It can advance our career, increase our confidence and enhance our credibility. While we tend to look at others and make judgments about how... read more

Speaking From the Stage…

Speaking from the stage… can be an exhilarating experience for the polished presenter. But for a novice speaker or for someone who is unprepared to step up and stand in front of an audience, it can be a daunting and stressful time. Whether you are a seasoned... read more

Speaking From the Stage

Finicky feet and bad moves can sink a speaker! Speaking from the stage is not an opportunity everyone grabs with gusto. Some people can’t wait to get off, while others can’t wait to get on. No matter your level of enthusiasm for public speaking or presentation skills,... read more

Warren Buffett Keen on Communication Skills

Do you know that billionaire Warren Buffett is keen on communication skills? The man with a net worth of 53.5 billion, second richest in the United States, and fourth richest person in the world admits that at one time, he was absolutely terrified of public speaking.... read more

Soft Skills in the Sandbox

Soft skills. No one big or small, young or old survives without soft skills in the sandbox of life. As children, we don’t get yanked out of the sandbox because we’re building castles, roads or mud pies. Nope. We get yanked out because we’re causing a ruckus by not... read more

People Skills

Did you know that your people skills are the determining factor in whether you get hired, fired, offered advancement or left behind? Of course, no one is saying that technical skills aren’t important, they are. But, regardless of how technical or intricate your job... read more

“Your workshop was great! It was productive, valuable and encouraging. For much of my career, I have been presenting specialized data to industry and government. Your session served as an excellent refresher for me. Your tips on body language and vocal variety reminded me how important these skills are to effective presentations. I also enjoyed the hands-on activities and appreciated the easy to implement techniques you provided. Whether a person is a new presenter or an experienced professional like myself they will benefit from this course. I highly recommend you and this workshop to anyone who is interested in sharpening their presentation skills.”

Regional Communications Manager, Government of Canada

Dorothea created a presentation customized to our needs. Her high level of expertise and professionalism was a delight. Thank you, Dorothea, for equipping our participants with new tools they can use in their personal and professional lives! Governexx Co-Chairs Government of Canada
I would certainly recommend Dorothea to anyone looking to expand their horizons. Angela Schumacher Account Manager, CGA program