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Helping Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Build Better Presentation Skills

Effective Communication and Presentation Skills Training

In today’s ever shrinking and competitive world effective communication and presentation skills are in high demand.

Art of Speaking for Success is about providing the tools and support you need when you’re speaking and presenting to others. Big groups, small groups, one on one: management, team members, field crew, clients, councils, business or community groups, it’s about becoming a more powerful and effective communicator.

At its simplest, effective communication is about making a connection. If your message isn’t connecting with your audience, if it’s not being heard, understood and implemented in some way, it’s going nowhere.

In her workshop and coaching sessions, Dorothea Hendriks focuses on your speaking and presentation skills, shows you what you can to grab attention, how to make a genuine connection with your audience and build support for your ideas. It’s about having a presence and making an impact.

Dorothea Hendriks’ Most In Demand Workshops

Powerful Presentation Skills – Best and Basic Practices

Do you present information in a way that makes people listen and pay attention to you?  Do your presentation skills add to your credibility and professional image?  How often do you take time to assess the effectiveness of your communication and presentation skills practices?

Presentation skills are a basic fundamental.

Topics covered in Best and Basic Practices

  • The 5 steps you can take to handle impromptu questions effectively
  • Tips for stop power point fatigue from setting in and sabotaging your message
  • How to exude confidence and get support from others when you need it
  • 9 dos and don’ts of nonverbal communication
  • How to avoid speech habits and presentation blunders can damage credibility

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Networking Face to Face: Connecting through Conversation

How can you effectively promote your career or expanding your business, if you have difficulty expressing yourself? Networking is making the connection with others. However, it’s through conversation, knowing what to say and how to say it, that you build lasting relationships.

Content covered in Connecting through Conversation includes

  • 7 key steps to create a positive impression and keep it
  • How to ask questions that encourage conversation
  • Etiquette do’s and don’ts and conversation taboos
  • 5 conversation mistakes you should never make
  • What you need to do to develop a strategic networking plan
    Registration is limited. Full participation is required

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Feedback:  Giving It and Receiving It

We deliver feedback to each other every day, on an on-going basis in one form or another. This workshop deals with the basics of feedback. The strategies and words for best practices.

Feedback Workshop topics include

  • Listening techniques that promote open communication
  • 5 guidelines for giving constructive feedback
  • Eliminating self-sabotaging habits that undermine confidence
  • Tips to help you stay calm and focused
  • How attitude and communication styles affect feedback

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From the moment we start working together, you will receive the same level of commitment and professionalism from me that you expect from the rest of your team. Every workshop and presentation is tailored to your needs and objectives, with feedback and follow-up.

We all have the potential to communicate in extraordinary ways and impact others with our message. While leadership and team building are important communication skills, they are powerless if your listeners don’t buy into what you’re saying.

For over 20 years, Dorothea’s seminars and workshops have helped thousands improve their communication and presentation skills and advance in their careers, community standings and social capital.

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